Off-road, self-drive or overland in China is one of the closest ways to touch China and know China. China has diversified landscape of alpine mountain, plateau, canyons, grassland, desert, etc. And various ethnic minorities as Tibetan, Mongolian, Ugar, live in their compact communities with ancient history and unique culture and customs.China Exploration has long been expert in the overland tour: we know how to make self-drive overland in China ,how to enter china with a car,how to drive into china with permits, as well as how to get china driving license for foreigners.We will bring tourist to the remote and original reserved places and show you the authentic country side of this land.

Our service falls into two types:

1. Overland with rented Chinese vehicle.
It is the easiest and most popular way of overland travel in China. We provide various vehicles according to the road condition, which ranges from 4WD of TOYOTA, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Cherokee and other brand to business vans. During the overland tour, you will either stay in hotel or camp according to local condition and your interest. And a Chinese guide and driver will deal everything for you; you can start your trip!

2. Overland by your own vehicle, also self-driving tour in China.
Self-driving in China with your own vehicle is favored by more and more travelers. It could be the most fantastic and amazing experience for funs of vehicle, but it is too complicated for foreigners due to a lot of government paper works involved.

China Exploration are real overland tour expert in self-driving with traveler' own vehicle. We have successfully provided service for both individual tourists and world class overland companies. Their vehicle varied from deluxe motor home, 4WD Off-road Jeeps, motorbike to big camping trucks. And they either drove into China from the land boarders or shipped their vehicles into China; and their routes covered any part of China: Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolian, Beijing, Shanghai and more.China Exploration ensures the successful application of government permits, driving licenses, Custom and more paper works. Everything will be ready when tourist arrives at the boarder of China. Our guide will be waiting for them and help them into China. Each year, we have hundred of tourist realized their dream of exploring China overland.Each year we have more than 10 self-driving trips running in nearly every province of China. Some of them are series tours organized by oversea tour companies, some of them are organized by a couple or a few friends.

Just tell us your interest or give us your plan, and we will comment on it in experience. After we reach agreement on schedule and rate, so you just give us the files we required from you, and then leave all to us. We are looking forward to meeting you and your beloved car in China!

Raymond and Lucie’s Overland Tour in China by Self-driving in 2017

Norway Ladies Driving Through China in 2016 

Wissam's Motorbike Riding Tour in China

The happy join-in overland tour of Harry in October of 2014

The Sigmund family's self-driving China overland tour in 2010

Salute to the 78 Years Old Driver Mr. Finn Halberg

Overland Off-road

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