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Sites and reserves to watch birds

Seasons and time of Bird watching tour in China


The best time, in general, to watch birds in China: in spring, resident and summer visitor, as well as traveler and transient are watched as birds migrating and preparing for breeding. From late Mar to Earlier Jun, accurate time varies from site to site, and it's getting warm, the best time to watch birds in China. The better time from Jun to earlier Jul falls on the birds breeding period; you can watch the procedure of breeding and their work on nesting, adult feeding nestling etc. The bad time to watch birds just from Jul to Aug, the hottest period, few activities for birds, most time have a rest in their nest or hided in woods, bank sides. Another better time to watch birds from Sep to Nov, most birds fly in bright sky and migrating back southward to wintering area.

As day time to watch birds, better 2 hours after sun rising and 2 hours before sunset, in these two section of 2 hours, birds' act and work much.

If waterbirds, then spring and autumn is the better time to watch while waterbirds migrating and breeding in Mar and Apr and migrating back for wintering in wetland in Nov.

You can easy watch more birds if birding according to the tide, in general, tide rise; set twice a day, and the difference about 12hours between the tide rising and setting, and the better time to watch birds 2 hours before high tide.



Black-Necked-Crane Chrysolophus-pictus Crested-Ibis


Sites and reserve to watch birds

In summer, birds such as cranes, goose and duck, ardea and egretta etc are mating, nesting, and egg laid in wetlands such as Qinghai Lake, Bayinbuluke (Xinjiang), Zhalong (Heilongjiang), Xinkaihu (Heilongjiang), Xianghai Lake (Jilin); In winter, birds such as cranes, ardea and egretta, duck and goose, ciconia etc wintering in wetlands such as Poyang Lake (Jiangxi), Dongting Lake Lake (Hunan), Yancheng (Jiangsu), Rongcheng (Shandong), Chongming Island (Shanghai) ; In spring and autumn, swimming birds (natatorial bird) and wading birds occurring in Guanting Reservoir and Miyun Reservoir (Beijing), Beidaihe (Hebei), Yancheng (Jiangsu), Banjing (Liaoning), Yellow River Delta (Shandong); Wood birds will breeding in the period from spring to summer.



Perisoreus-internigrans Tibetan-Bunting Aethopyga-gouldiae


There are two birds passes for migratory birds to watch: Weishan Longqing Pass in Yunnan, Bingfengjie Pass in Zhuchuan, Hunan. Important famous birding place and sites in China as: Beidaihe and Happy Island, Zhalong Reserve, Shahu Lake in Ningxia, Qinghai Lake and Birding Island, Emeishan and Wolong in Sichuan, Caihai Lake in Guizhou, Weishan in Yunnan, Poyang lake, Gulangyu in Xiamen, Dongting Lake in Hunan, Yancheng, Dongtan in Chongming Island. Rongcheng in Shandong, Zhongzhai in Henan.

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