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Confucianism Learning Tour

    It is said the world was dominated by 3 main thoughts: Christianity, Islam, and then Confucianism. confucianism tourConfucianism was originated in China, and then spread in East Asia. And the founder, Mr. Kung Zi, also called Confucius was respected as one of the most influential Chinese philosophers in the world, whose fame and renown can be compared to great leaders and emperors such as Ramses II, or Alexander the Great, but Confucius’ influence is lasting even today. Confucianism, the great system of moral and religious philosophy built upon the teachings of Master Kung, became the basis for personal and government morality in China. The teachings of Confucius formed the basis of the Chinese state religion and permeated every aspect of Chinese culture and society.
    And China Exploration tried to show the ancient Confucianism to the world here, mixed the tour with Confucianism learning and education. 

Recommended route 1:
                              1 Day the Classical Six Arts Experience in Dujiangyan Confucius Temple


A gentlemen consist of ritual, music, shoot, books. They settle down and get on with ancient men’ s pursuit, and basic quality in integrity and right attitude, self-cultivation, put family affairs in order, run state affairs, the world united. It can be seen one’s basic skills.


Dujiangyan Confucius temple was open to public since May 2013, it has pioneered that attempt to regain the Chinese conventional education module in relation to the Classical Six Arts, Nowadays it became an initial six arts experience garden in China. 
Dujiangyan Confucius temple had its own cultural deposits and cultural resources, with the help of cultural resources research center of Peking University, under the principle and the outline of confucianism, they found six arts camp, to render passengers are filling in Chinese Han dynasty clothing, quartic the rites of bowing, archery, a copy of tablet inscription obtained by pressing a sheet paper against the tablet which has been printed with ink, calligraphy, a game during feast in which winner was decided by the number of arrows thrown into a distant pot, cock wheelbarrow cultural projects and so forth in Confucius temple quite and secluded atmosphere.  


In the morning, tour guide and chauffeur will take you at hotel 8 am, and then you will transport to confucianism tourDujiangyan Confucius temple
10.00 am -10.10 am ,Do Xue Shu where you will dress on Han
10.10am- 10.20am, Wan Ren Palace Wall toxophily area where you will view toxophily performance
10.20 am-11.50 am, six arts exhibition hall where you will hear a presentation of whole course in Confucius temple
10.50 am-11.10 am, great hall where you will experience in quartic the rites of bowing,read aloud classical the Analects of Confucius
11.10 am-12.00 pm, you will visit ancient architecture model and Dong Wu tuobei room where you will experience in a copy of tablet inscription obtained by pressing a sheet paper against the tablet which has been printed with ink  
12.00 pm-13.00 pm, Lunch time, vegetarian restaurant
13.00 pm-14.00 pm, break after lunch, Dong Xue Shu lecture hall
14.00 pm-14.30 pm, Pan Chi toxophily area where you will experience in toxophily
14.30 pm-15.20 pm, Dong Xue Shu where you will attend lecture in delightful word
15.20 pm- 15.30 pm, break
15.30 pm-16.20 pm, calligraphy 
16.20 pm-16.50 pm,Ling Xing Men plaza where you will experience in a game in which winner was decided by the number of arrows thrown into a distant pot and cock wheelbarrow
16.50 pm-17.00 pm,every passenger will be granted six arts experience certificate and group photography   
End of six arts tour, at 17.20 pm, you will be sent back to hotel  


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