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All foreign travelers are required to obtain visa to China except a few Asian countries as Singapore. You can ask for help from visa agent or apply to the China Embassy/Consulate directly near you.
Documents required for Chinese visa (per person):
1 completed visa application form;
1 recent passport sized photograph;
A valid original passport for at least six months with blank pages;
The itinerary or flight booking.
Instructions on How to Apply for A Chinese Visa
Applications by post are not accepted. Applicants should submit their applications in person or entrust a third party to submit their applications on their behalf to the visa office of Chinese Embassy in their country. Appointments are not required. Interview may be required by the visa officer if necessary.
Applicants are required to lodge their applications to the Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate in the country where they normally and legally reside for Chinese visa.
Required documents:
A. All applicants are required to submit the following documents:
1. A valid original passport. There must be spare blank visa pages in the passport. Pages for endorsements or amendments can not be used as a visa page. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months. 
2. One completed Chinese visa application form signed by the applicant. Children's application form can be signed by their parents or guardians. 
3. One recent passport photograph affixed to the visa application form. Life photos, copied photos and digital photos printed on ordinary paper are not acceptable.

B. Additional documents:
1.Tourist visa---L: Documents mentioned in part A.
For applicants who are going to Tibet, a permit issued by Tibetan Tourist Bureau is required . (fax number of Tibetan Tourist Bureau:86-891-6834632,telephone number:86-891-6834313) 
2. Business visa---F: An invitation letter/ fax from a Chinese Government department, a Chinese company or a letter of introduction furnished by a company in the UK and the documents mentioned in part A.
3. Student visa------X: JW-201 or JW-202 form issued by the Ministry of Education of China and a letter of admission from a Chinese University / College and the documents mentioned in part A. 
4. Work visa -------- Z: An employment permit from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security or the State Administration of Foreign Experts of China together with an invitation letter from a relevant Department of Chinese Government or a Government-authorized company and the documents mentioned in part A. 
5. Journalist Visa -- J-1 or J-2: A letter from a relevant Department of Chinese Government and a letter from the employer and the documents mentioned in part A.
6. Transit Visa --- G: A valid visa for the country of destination and the documents mentioned in part A. 

Applicants should check the issued visa upon collection and if necessary raise 
any queries at the same time. If there is no immediate inquiry relating to the 
issued visa, the applicant is held responsible under any circumstances thereafter.
A Brief Introduction to Chinese Visa 
The Chinese visa authorities may issue a Diplomatic, Courtesy, Service or Ordinary Visa to a foreigner according to his/her identity, purpose of visit to China and passport type. The Ordinary Visa consists of eight sub-categories, which are respectively marked with Chinese phonetic letters L, F, X, Z, G, C, J, and D.
1. L Visa: Issued to an applicant who comes to China for tourist purposes, family visiting or other personal affairs. 
2. F Visa: Issued to an applicant who is invited to China for conference, research, lecture, business, scientific-technological and cultural exchanges or short-term studies or intern practice for a period of no more than six months. 
3. X Visa: Issued to an applicant who comes to China for the purpose of studying or intern practice for more than six months. 
4. Z Visa: Issued to an applicant who is to take up a post or employment in China, and his/her accompanying family members, and who is to conduct commercial performance in China.
5. G Visa: Issued to those who transit through China. 
6. C Visa: Issued to crewmembers on international aviation, navigation and land transportation missions and family members accompanying them.
7. J Visa: Issued to foreign journalists. J Visa is subdivided into J-1 Visa and J-2 Visa. J-1 Visa is issued to a foreign resident correspondent in China. J-2 Visa is issued to a foreign correspondent on temporary short term news report mission in China.
8. D Visa: Issued to applicant who is to reside permanently in China.

Information on Visa to Hong Kong S.A.R. and Macao S.A.R.:
British citizens may visit Hong Kong for up to180 days without a visa, but visa is required for those to work, study, establish or join in any business or to take up residence. For visa requirements for foreign citizens, please visit the Hong Kong Immigration Department web site:

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