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We tailor-made various holidays for both families and friends based on their time, interest, and specific need. Accommodation, transportation, meals, tour activities, all will be considered suitably.

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Tibet adventure, show you incredible Tibetan plateau, ancient architecture, and unique culture folklore, mysterious religions and friendly Tibetan people. Tibet should be your top choice for a pilgrimage journey.
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 The capital city of Hubei province, Wuhan, a city with profound history and culture, was reputed as the “Eastern Chicago” in the period of the Republic of China because of the highly developed economy. Located in the junction of Yangtze River and Han River, Wuhan is a bright pearl as the center of the politics, economics and culture, as well as one of the six central cities. The comprehensive strength of the three main parts of Wuhan (Hankou , Hanyang, Wuchang) is next only to Shanghai, and listed on the top rank of Asia.6000 years ago, there are people lived in this land. In the northern suburb, there is a Panlongcheng relic with 3500 years history. It is regarded as the beginning of the founding of the city.The famous Yellow Crane Tower has gave so many inspiration to many poets, the magnificent Yangtze Bridge is the epitome of the advance of this city.
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