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Eco tour in China is a wide conception. Any one who is interested in Eco tourism can found their paradise in China since China has such a great biological diversity in forests, grasslands, deserts, plateau and wetlands, together with its large size, creates.


China Exploration is always devoting to develop the Ecotour in China.Believing Ecotourism 
 is a way to save the nature and a "win-win development strategy for undeveloped rural
areas."we are providing tours of biking, riding, photo, Golf, and more for tourist worldwide.


We are trying to help tourists seeking out wild and scenic areas for an active and educational trip, show them the real nature and some of the unique lives in our planet.


Below we copied a few suggested programs, but you are greatly welcome to give us your idea and specific interest in China Eco tour.

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Biking▼ more
Tibetan Plateau Off-road Biking Expedition
Tibet biking,Tibet bicycle riding,Tibet riding
Overview:Biking in Tibetan Plateau:You can tell us the destination you prefer to bike, and we will o......
Photo Tour in China
china photo tour, photography tour, photo tour
Overview:Photo taking tour in China:China Exploration will show the customer the best place and best......
Riding▼ more
Camel Riding in Silk Road
camel riding, silk road, silk road tours, silk road tour
Overview:Camel Riding tour in Silk Road:China Exploration provides the camel riding in many places o......
Horse-riding Tour to Around Xiahe(Ganjia Grassland)
Xiahe horse riding tour,horse riding china, Xiahe tour
Overview:Horse Riding tour in Xiahe,Gansu:You may ride on a horse to enjoy the nomadic life in the G......
Mongolia Horse Riding Tour China Eco-Tours
horse riding tour in China,mongolia tour, hailar tour
Overview:Horse riding in vast Mongolia grassland has long been purchased by travelers worldwide. Alt......
Golf Tour in China
china golf tour, china golf clubs,China golf course
Overview:China 's golf game has a bright future, and is attracting more concern of the friends from ......
Others▼ more
Skiing and Snow Sledge Tour in Altai of North Xinjiang
skiing in china, ski in china, sking in china, snow sledge in
Overview:Altai Skiing tour:Skiing in the shadow of Gengiskhan takes you on a tour of both place and ......
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