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Wild Elephant Watching in Xishuangbanna

The wild elephant in China live only in the tropical rain forest of Xishuangbanna and Banna Wild Elephant Valley, 50 km north of Jinghohng city, is the place that the wild elephants move about most often. It actually is a nature reserve for tropical rainforest's and wild lives. Here in jungle live about 70 wild Asian elephants. Wild elephants usually come out at night, so people built a small hotel on tops of trees in forest for tourists who want to observe wild elephants closely. People can walk about on the overhead corridor and enjoy the scene of wild elephants bathing, playing water and seeking for food. Staying next to the wild elephants are various birds.


wild-elephants Wild-Elephant-Watching Wild-Elephant-Valley


Outside you can enjoy the pleasure of, there in a butterfly garden, 2 wonderful elephant shows everyday. The wild Elephant Valley shows people a beautiful and mysterious Xishuangbanna.






D1 Arrive in Jinghong

Arrive in Jinghong via Kunming, meet your guide and transfer to hotel.


D2 - 4 Wild Elephant Valley

Watching Head for Wild Elephant Valley in the morning, find your accommodation in the Tree hotel. And then spend 2 nights there to watch the wild elephant. When time is free, make a short time’s hiking in the valley and villages near by.


D5 Jinghong City Tour

Drive to Jinghong, visit the botanic gardens in the city.


D6 Departure

Fly to other city, end of service.

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