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> Driving Through China in 2016 By Titian

Three weeks, three Norway people drove their tiny car from Norway all the way to China. They went through Europe , Asia and drove along the silk road from Kazakhstan into China border. They started from the Atlantic Ocean on the Norway side and set the Pacific Ocean in Tianjin as the destination which is 11000km around in total all the way here. This was a extremely tough journey with only three weeks' time . However , they did it!
This is our tiny car

  Because there was something wrong when they got into China border. So our originally plan eight days drive though China from Xinjiang to Tianjin then though Beijing to inner Mongolia out of China changed into six days. We had to drive day and night to catch up with our schedule. Sometimes we chose to visit attractions in the day time and drove in the evening because we have two drivers. Although everyone was tired in this journey, we drove slowly in the star evening on the empty highway, trying to find out where are the Vega and Altair as the Chinese Valentine’s coming.  We drove across the Yellow River Bridge with the beautiful moonlight reflection river water. The music played in the car gave us a good mood to enjoy all of these bonus scenery. We drove 800-1000km per day . And we went to Big Buddha Temple in Zhangye , Terratoca Worries in Xi'an on the way , had a real sleep in Xi'an hotel , then drove 17hours arrived in Tianjin in one o'clock in the morning. Finished the crossing of the continents of Europe and Asia. Three of them changed the "Ocean uniform" where they wore in the Atlantic Ocean and took pictures to record and celebrate  this important moment . And then on the way to Inner Mongolia border, we went to Beijing and visited Forbidden City and the Great Wall on the way. The dustmen carried several bags of rubbish on the back from the Great Wall down the wall impressed us a lot!

One of the most interesting on the way was that on the way from Great Wall to border, our car run out of gasoline. So we had to push our car to the gas station. For the four gas station on the way had no any gasoline, on of the local kind guy gave us a box of gasoline from his car which solved our big problem!

One of our guests(the only boy) jumped off the car and pushing

After one week, we finally finished our trip in China. But I know, Their trip is continuing....The plan is that to arrive in Norway at the end of August! Although it was just a quick look of China, every trip is special and different, we all enjoyed a lot. Traveling is always full of uncertainty, problem or surprise, they made their courage to been though all!
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