32 Days All China Around Exploration
32 Days All China Around Exploration
  • Duration: 32 day
  • Tour Attraction: The Forbidden City / The Great Wall...
  • Departure Date: Every Day
  • Tour Type:
  • Tour Code: CE-PC-12

D1 Arrive in Beijing
Today we will arrive in Beijing, the ancient capital of China with over thousand years' history. Receive a welcome from our guide then transfer to hotel, and you also learn your first Chinese “ Nin Hao “ for greeting.

D2 Beijing City Excursion ( The Great Wall / Ming Tomb / Beijing Roast Duck ) ( B,L, D)

The Great Wall will be our first destination. We will walk on this ancient stone stage on feet, and trace ancient history of China through the old wall and mountains. In the afternoon, a visit to the Ming Tomb will be an interesting adventure for us, where we will see how the emperors desired for immortal. In the evening we will enjoy a delicious Chinese banquet with the well-known Beijing Roast Duck.

D3 Beijing City Excursion ( The Forbidden City / The Summer Palace/ The Heaven Temple ) ( B,L )
Today we will explore the mysterious palace of Chinese emperors, the Forbidden City, which boasts having 9999 rooms and could be the biggest palace in the world. In the afternoon we will have a leisure walk in the emperors' royal garden, the Summer Palace. And we will also walk around in the quiet and wide Heaven Temple, which is used to worship emperor's ancestors and pray for a harvest season. We will board night train to Xi'an . Night in the soft berth of the train.

D4 Xi'an City Tours (The Terra cotta Museum / Sanxi Province Museum )  ( B,L )
Arrive in Xi'an in the morning. After a short time's break in hotel, we will begin our trip in Xi'an, which had been the most prosperous capitals for over 1000 years. Surely the Terra cotta museum is the most important spot. It will be amazing experience to visit these old warriors and horses under earth for over 2000 years. Then we will visit the Shaanxi Province Museum. It will unfold the long history of China.

D5 Xi'an City Tour ( The Old Town / The Wild Goose Tower / Calligraphy Museum) ( B,L, D)

The Wild Goose Pagoda will tell us how the Chinese traveled over ten thousands miles to probe Buddhism. And we will also have a short time's hike on the Old City Wall, and then we will learn about the ancient Chinese arts, the Calligraphy in the Calligraphy Forest Museum. Enjoy a Jiaozi Dinner , and watch Tang dancing show in the evening.


D6 Xi'an / Dunhuang ( Mogao Cave Visit ) ( B,L )
In the morning fly to Dunhuang, which had long been the transportation hub and culture center in the Silk Road. Firstly we will explore the Mogao Caves. The vivid frescoes and sculptures seem to bring us back to the prosperous Silk Road 1000 years ago.

D7 Dunhuang / Turpan   ( Mingshashan Hill / Crescent Lake ) ( B,L )
In the morning we will relax us completely in the desert hill, Mingshashan. A short time's Camel riding will bring us exotic experience of caravan. The nature also created the wonder of Lake and desert co-existing. In the afternoon we will take the night train to another silk road town, Turpan. Night in train.

D8 Turpan City Tours   ( Gaochang Ruins / Kan'er Well / Grape Gully )  ( B,L, D)
Arrive in Turpan in the morning, then we will head for the ruins of Gaochang old town. It is a witness of the prosperity of Silk Road. And we will also visit the magic irrigation project, Kan'er Well. It is compared to the Great Wall under the earth. What a happy life it will be to watch the Urgar dancing at the fruit banquet!

D9 Turpan / Kashgar (Flame Mountain) ( B,L )
Nature's power is boundless, so it created Flame Mountain ( Hoyanshan Mountain ) in Turpan. We will experience the extremely hot in this devil like place, and then we will drive to Urumqi, and transfer the night flight to Kashgar.

D10 Kashgar City Tours (Big Mosque / Fragrant Concubine Tomb) ( B,L )
As the joint of South and North Silk Road , a lot of historical ruins are left here. You can find the mixture of oriental and western culture in many places. Aitikaer Mosque is the largest in oriental world. We will know the culture of Muslim here. And we will enjoy the pretty building of fragrant concubine tomb, where we will listen the romantic tale of local Fragrant girl and Chinese emperors.

D11 Kashgar / Chengdu ( The Sunday Bazaar Bargaining ) ( B,L )
Kashgar Sunday Bazaar is world famous. Merchants from China , Pakistan and other neighbor countries will throng here and exchange various goods. Foods, closing, handcrafts, and anything life needed! You can also make a small bargain with them. Fly back to Chengdu in the afternoon.

D12 Chengdu City Tour ( Panda Garden / Jinshan Museum / Kuanxiangzi ) ( B,L )
As the home town of Panda, naturally we will head for Panda Garden firstly, which feed over 30 pandas all over the year. It will be an amazing experience to make friends with so many lovely pandas! If you offer certain donation, you can even take a picture with them in your chest! We will also visit Jinsha Museum, which will show us the mysterious Yangtze culture, and then we will visit Kuanxiangzi old street. Watch Sichuan Opera in the evening.

D13 Chengdu/ Lhasa ( B )
This morning we will fly to Lhasa Landing on the Gongka airport, you will feel the difference of plateau immediately both physically. Standing at over 12,000 feet above sea level, Tibet, you arrive! Free in the afternoon to be acclimated.

D14 Lhasa City Tours ( Potala Palace /Sera Monastery /Tibetan Family Visit ) ( B,L )
As winter palace of Dalai Lama, the Potala Palace worked as a political and religious centre in Tibet. In the afternoon we will explore Grand Sera Monastery. If you are lucky enough, you can watch interesting Buddhism scripture debating by the monks. And we will also be guest in a local Tibetan family in the late afternoon.

D15 Lhasa City Tours ( Jorkang Temple / Barkor Street / Drepung Monastery / Tibetan Dancing shows )( B,L, D)
The wonders of Tibet continue to unfold today. We begin with the holiest temple in Tibet, the 1,300 year old Jokhang Temple. Then we will have a leisure walk in famous Barkhor Street. Drive outside the city to Drepung Monastery, which was the largest monastery in the world with 10,000 resident monks in its peak. A Tibetan style dinner in Yak Restaurant and watch Tibetan dancing show in the evening will be the highlight of our trip!

D16 Lhasa /Gyantse / Shygatse (Yamdok Lake / Palgor Chorten) ( B,L )
Drive across the Ganbala Pass ( 4200m ) will be a challenge to our health, but we will be rewarded by the overview of beautiful Yamdok Lake immediately. After enjoyed the grassland and yaks en route, we will arrive in Gyantse at noon, then we will visit the extremely beautiful Palgor Chorten (Kumbu Monastery). In the late afternoon drive to Sygatse.

D17 Shigatse / Lhasa (Tashilunpo Monastery) ( B,L )
As the base of Panchen Lama, Shygatse placed as the business and political centre of back Tibet. The Grand Tashilunpo Monastery will show us again about the wealth and power of Tibetan Buddhism. We will drive back Lhasa along wide Yalongzangbu river in the afternoon via the new road. Then you will be free to explore the city.

D18 Lhasa / Shangri-la ( Songtanlin Monastery )( B,L )

In the morning we will fly to Shangri-la. After a warm pick-up from local guide, then we will visit the Songtanlin Monastery. It is called Mini-Potala, then free to explore this small but quiet Tibetan town in the afternoon.


D19 Shangri-la Exploration( Pudacuo national park ) ( B,L )
Drive to Pudacuo national park in the morning. The Bitahai Lake and Shudu Lake are two pearls in this land. You may also make short time's riding or hiking around it.

D20 Shangri-la / Lijiang ( Tiger Leaping Gorge / Sifang Jie Street ) ( B,L )
Drive to Lijiang in the morning, but we will visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge en route. The surging river of Jinsha River, also the upper part of Yangtze, jumps from the deep valley and makes thundering soaring. Arrive in Lijiang in the afternoon, and then we will relax in the old town of Lijiang. Some shopping in the bazaar of Sifang Jie Street ( the square Street ).

D21 Lijiang ( Rock Village / Black Dragon Park / Naxi Symphony ) ( B,L )
There are many interesting places in Lijiang. But we will visit a Naxi village to find the real life of Naxi people. The village lived by American adventurer Joseph Rock in 19 century may be a good choice. Then we will visit pretty Black Dragon Park, also included the Naxi Ethnic Minority Museum. Enjoy a Naxi Musical Symphony in the evening.

D22 Lijiang / Kunming ( Stone Forest / Bird and Flower market ) ( B,L )
Fly to Kunming in the morning. Then we will drive to Stone Forest. It is world famous for its Karst geographical features. Here our guide will tell you the romantic tale of Asima. And we will also visit the bird and flower market in the city in the afternoon.

D23 Kunming/ Guilin ( Ludi Cave / Elephant Truck Hill ) (B,L )
In the morning we will fly to Guilin, then visit the Ludi Cave Park, the Elephant trunk Hill in the afternoon.

D24 Li River  Excursion ( Li River Excursion ) (B,L )
In the morning we will make a cruise in picturesque Li River. You will learn many romantic tales about the peaks and love. Arrive in Yangshuo in the afternoon. The famous Westerner Street will be in our schedule naturally. And a bike riding in the pretty old town will be unforgettable memory to our trip.

D25 Guilin /Chongqing ( B,L )
In the morning we will fly to Chongqing. Ascend the Elin Park to have a bird's view of Mountainous Chongqing. Then we will visit the People's Hall. Board the cruise in the evening.


D26-D27 Yangtze Three Gorges Excursion ( B,L, D)
We will spend two exiting days in the Yangtze excursion boat. Stone Village, Ghost Town, Zhangfei Temple, Shenlong Stream, Mini Three Gorges, Three Gorge Dam are all famous spots in Yangtze cruise, which to be visited is depended on your cruise. Night in Ship. 

D28 Yichang /Shanghai ( B,L )
In the morning we will arrive in Yichang and finish your cruise excursion. Fly to Shanghai in the afternoon.

D29 Shanghai / Suzhou  (Humble Governor's Garden / Tiger Hill ) ( B,L )
Drive to Suzhou in the morning. The Suzhou Gardening is the most beautiful in China, and each of them will show us how ancient Chinese rich men enjoyed their life. The Humble Governor's Garden is the best of them. And we will also relax in the Tiger Hill Park in the afternoon.

D30 Suzhou /Tongli /Shanghai ( Tongli Water Village / Huangpu River Cruise ) ( B,L )
Tongli is a river channels crossed villages and still remain its traditional culture. We will explore this water village in the morning. In the afternoon we will drive back to Shanghai. The night of Bund deserve our trying. And the night cruise of Huangpu River will leave us life standing memory.

D31 Shanghai City Tour (Old town Shopping) ( B,L )
Walking and shopping in its old town in the morning. It will be the last station in China. Free in the afternoon to prepare for your departure.

D32 Shanghai Departure ( B )
In the morning we will head for air-port, say "Zai Jian" to China and leave China with sweet memory .

Price (Based on per person and shown in US dollars):


1 Person

2-3 Person

4-5 Person

6-9 Person

Single Supplement

Tourist Class






Superior Class






Superior Class






Our prices included:

1.All of the accommodation. For tourist class, hotels will be around 3 star level, and 4 star level for superior class, and 5 star level for deluxe class. We will arrange them according to their location and facilities. Each 2 people share one room. 

2.The meals as schedule listed. Breakfasts in the hotel, Chinese lunches at local restaurant, and part of special flavor dinners. 
3.Tour site tickets. 
4.Good and experienced English guide. 
5.Yangtze cruise. 4-5 star. 
6.Domestic flights from Xi'an/ Dunhuang, Urumqi / Kashgar, Kashgar / Urumqi / Chengdu, Chengdu / Lhasa , Lhasa / Shangri-la, Lijiang/ Kunming, Kunming / Guilin, Guilin /Chongqing, Yichang/ Shanghai. 
7.Trains. Night train will be all soft sleeper, every 4 people share one compartment, day time train will be soft seats.
8.All of the transportation in the airport / hotel, tour site between. Private car will be arranged in the city, and long distance bus may be arranged in some cities between. 
9.insurance with the highest refund of RMB 300000.00/ per people


Our prices not included :

1.Your international flights arrive in Beijing and leaving Shanghai.
2.The tip to guides and drivers. It will be shared according to the number of travelers. 
3.Your medicinal cost due to your own health condition. 
4.The cost of China visa, but we can provide China visa invitation letter free. 
6.Any of other service we have not included.

1. Above prices of single supplement do not include Yangtze cruise and train. 
2. Price of Tibet may rise in July and August, so please double check it with us before your booking. 
3. Better discount is available when travel in low season from Nov to March or when travel in a large group. Please contact us for more details.

If you require, we can book hotels in Chengdu, and make private airport and city tour necessary.

Are you interested in this itinerary? Send us a message and let us help you plan and book your China vacation based on this sample. Response within 24 hours. Contact our Travel Consultant.


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