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We tailor-made various holidays for both families and friends based on their time, interest, and specific need. Accommodation, transportation, meals, tour activities, all will be considered suitably.

Tibet Tour

Tibet adventure, show you incredible Tibetan plateau, ancient architecture, and unique culture folklore, mysterious religions and friendly Tibetan people. Tibet should be your top choice for a pilgrimage journey.
Overland & off-road
Trekking & Hiking
Wildlife Exploration
City tour
Intangible cultural heritage  

Spring Festival Solar Term of Pure Brightness Dragon Boat Festival Festival on the Seventh Evening of the Seventh Lunar Month Mid-Autumn Festival Water-Sprinkling Festival of Dai nationality Westward Moving Festival of Xibe nationality Torch Festival Munao Zongge of Jingpo nationality Festival on the Third Day of the Third Lunar Month of Li nationality Gulunmuta Festival of Oroqen nationality Panwang Festival of Yao nationality Maling Festival of Zhuang nationality Yifan Festival of Mulao nationality Feitao of Maonan nationality Wa’erezu Festival of Qiang nationality Gucang Festival of Miao nationality Duan Festival of Shui nationality Chabai Song Festival of Buyi nationality Sister Festival of Miao nationality Kaquewa Festival of Drung nationality Fairy Maiden Festival of Nu nationality Sama .

Festival of Dong nationality Hairy Dragon Festival of Gelo nationality Sword Handle Festival of Susu nationality Water Irrigating Festival and Sowing of Tajik nationality Nadun Festival of Tu nationality Water Discharging Festival of Dujiangyan Irrigation System Xuedun Festival Sacrifice Offering Ceremony at Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor Sacrifice Offering Ceremony at Mausoleum of Emperor of Yandi Sacrifice Offering Ceremony in memory of Genghis Khan Grand Ceremony of Worshipping Confucius Ceremony of Worshipping Mazu Ceremony of Worshipping Taihao Fuxi Ceremony of Worshipping Nüwa Ceremony of Worshipping Yu the Great Emperor Aobao Worshipping Raosanling of Bai nationality Changdian Temple Fair Regong Sixth Lunar Month Fair Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Fair Yao nationality Hall of Playing with songs Zhuang nationality Song Fair on Dyke Serial slope fair Series of Miao nationality Nadam Fair Uygur Sword-man Maixirefu Lantern Fair on Qinhuai River Xiushan Flower Lanterns Quanfeng Flower Lanterns Folk custom of Guardian Stone of Mt Taishan Folk Fair for Worshipping Local God Erduosi wedding ceremony Tu nationality wedding ceremony Sala nationality wedding ceremony Majie Book Fair Huji Book Fair Anguo Medicine Market Copper drum folk custom of Zhuang nationality Folk custom of couplet written on scrolls and hung on the pillars of a hall Suzhou Luzhi water-land women’s dress and adornments Hui’an women’s dress and adornments Dress and adornments of Miao nationality Dress and adornments of Hui nationality Dress and adornments of Yao nationality Twenty-four Solar Terms in the Traditional Chinese Calendar Folk custom of women’s writing Folk custom of shuishu writing Lantern Festival Fishermen’s Festival of Fishing-Starting and Thanks to Fishing The Third Day of Third Lunar Month of She nationality Binyang Paolong Festival Canoe Dragon Boat Festival Tiaohua Dance Festival of Miao nationality Miao nationality Girls’ Festival on the Eighth Day of the Fourth Lunar Month Flower Watering Festival of De’ang nationality Jiangzi Dama Festival Saban Festival of Tatar nationality Lantern Fair New Year of Qiang nationality .
New Year of Miao nationality Temple Fair Folk belief custom Sea worshipping of Qinghai Lake Shouldering of stage scene (core, iron branch and flying ornaments) Iron flower show Sixty Year Rites of Korean nationality Folk custom of worshipping ancestors Folk custom of deer domesticating of Owenk nationality Camel raising custom of Mongolian nationality Ginseng picking folk custom in Changbai Mountains Winter fishing folk custom of Chagannao’er Silkworm and mulberry folk custom Relative visiting folk custom in Hongdong Folk custom of women of Xunpu Han nationality traditional wedding custom Traditional wedding ceremony of Korean nationality Wedding custom of Tajik nationality Local god fair opera performance in water land Jieshou Book Fair Luoyang peony fair Color pavilion fair in Sanhui Song fair in Shibaoshan Third Lunar Month Street in Dali Tea artistry Dress and adornments of Mongolian nationality Dress and adornments of Korean nationality Dress and adornments of She nationality Dress and adornments of Li nationality Dress and adornments of Lhoba nationality Dress and adornments of Tibetan nationality Dress and adornments of Yugur nationality Dress and adornments of Tu nationality Dress and adornments of Salar nationality Dress and adornments of Uygur nationality Dress and adornments of Kazakh nationality Calculation with an abacus Channel replacing for South China Sea Navigation Courses Astronomical calendarist calculation of Tibetan nationality.
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