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We tailor-made various holidays for both families and friends based on their time, interest, and specific need. Accommodation, transportation, meals, tour activities, all will be considered suitably.

Tibet Tour

Tibet adventure, show you incredible Tibetan plateau, ancient architecture, and unique culture folklore, mysterious religions and friendly Tibetan people. Tibet should be your top choice for a pilgrimage journey.
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Chengdu Tour Guide Service

Do you want to “hire” a professional and licensed guide in Chengdu? China Exploration is ready to help. We are local in Chengdu and have done inbound travel service for more than 10 years. You could rent guide from us and our guides are familiar with all sights in Sichuan. We are sure to arrange the most suitable guide to you.

In our Chengdu tour today, China Exploration will take you to the quiet and beautiful Mt Qingchengshan for a mild mountain hiking, learning about the harmony theory of Taoism, and then admire the great project of Dujiangyan.
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1. Claire Liao
Hello,Travel lovers:
My name is Claire Liao, from --the hometown of major in UNI is Tourism Management. Since I was in UNI 4years ago,I started work as a Chinese tour guide already,And thanks to those experiences and all people who helped me,Which make me capable to be an real English tour guide in China Youth Travel Agency. I love this team,and I love to be an English speaking guide to show the charm of china to the world. Thats why I have been working in this company for 3years already. And i am continuing.
In the last three years,I have guided people travel through from west China all the way to east,from north down to south. Includes Kashgar,Urumqi,Turpan,Dunhuang,Xi'an(Terra-cotta warriors),Datong,Pingyao,Chengde,Yangtze cruise,Lijiang,Dali,Beijing etc. For the past three years experiences with travel lovers from all over the world,I had loads of amazing time which will be memorized for my whole life, I made loads of friends all over the world which will be cherished in my entire life. The words are poor to show what a great time we had together,hope these photos will explain that for me,so pls enjoy some amazing photos from my guiding,And I will be delighted if we can explore China together.
Stories by Claire:
Clair’s China Overland Tours in 2012
My Memory of China Overland Tour
2. Yan
My name is Yan and I have worked as a English speaking Tourist Guide since 2009. Before that I worked for a number of hotels and hostels in the beautiful city of Sanya on Hainan Island in the very south of China. For the past three years I have specialized in being an Overland Tourist Guide for many groups taking them for extended tours all over China and neighboring countries. I very much enjoy these extended overland trips which also give me a feeling of being on the road. I speak English fluently and Chinese mandarin is my native language. I'll be pleased if you choose me to be your guide on your trip throughout China!
Stories by Yan:
Best moments during the China overland tour by Yan
3. Amy
Hi, there! Thanks for reading my profile! Thinking about whether it is worth your time and visit to Chengdu, a city lies in the middle and western part of China? Trust me, i can give your countless reasons for you to come, while yes, our national treasure----pandas are one of the reasons surely! Besides that, the delicious foods, profound tea culture, ancient city history, leisure city life, warm-hearted people, are all attractive and worth trying! As a local girl, i can show your the most amazing and real part of Chengdu, let's explore this modern and ancient, beautiful and cozy city together!!


As a travel agency, we could guarantee the service of our guide. We have guides works with us for years. We could 100% guarantee our guide service and we could also work as middleman to deal all of the unexpected things during your tour.
Price (Based on per person and shown in US dollars):
Different price for different levels of guide
Primary Guide: from 65USD per day
Intermediate guide: from 70 USD per day
Senior Guide: from 80 USD per day

Price Item:

Airport pick-up and drop off 
Travel guide (follow you arranged Itinerary or our expert travel consultant will help you design itinerary free)
Local food arrangement 
Business assistant 
Experienced interpreter for your meeting, party, business …
Local market assistant 
8 hours per day 
Tips to guide for excellent service            
Transfer for use basic guide
Transportation for using personal guide
Arranged private transfer
Take bus or metro train
Take taxi
Ride bike in city side
Other service

Hotel booking 
Train tickets booking 
Public transportation arrangement 
Air tickets booking 
Private transfer arrangement

If you require, we can book hotels in Chengdu, and make private airport and city tour necessary.
Are you interested in this itinerary? Send us a message and let us help you plan and book your China vacation based on this sample. Response within 24 hours. Contact our Travel Consultant.
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