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2017 From Kyrghyzstan to Mongolia Driving Through Overland Tour Join-in!

Have you thought of driving into China with your own vehicle? It could be the most fantastic and amazing travel experience for overland tours in China, but it is a bit expensive for a single car to make such a trip. China Exploration pushed the join-in self driving tours for the overland tourist in order to cut down the budget as well as add more fun to the trip.

In this project, we will apply all of the government documents and apply Chinese driving license and plate for you. You just arrive at China boarder on time! And you can also fly to the boarder city and rent a Chinese car to join us! Come on!


China Exploration has long been expert in the overland tour: we know how to make self-drive overland in China ,how to enter china with a car,how to drive into china with permits, as well as how to get china driving license for foreigners.We will bring tourist to the remote and original reserved places and show you the authentic country side of this land.

Tour Available:  
1st Departure Group: May 11th, 2017- Jun 2th, 2017
2nd Departure Group: Jun 6th, 2017- Jun 28th, 2017
3rd Departure Group: Jul 20th, 2017 - Aug 12th, 2017




Kyrghyzstan to Laos in 2015-Overland-tour-mapD1  Turgart / Kashgar (Paved road, 101kms ) 
Cross the boarder today, meet with your guide, after complete the boarder works, you can driver toKashgar.

D2   Kashgar 
Get your Chinese temporal driving license and plate, and then you can make city tours in Kashgar, such as the old town, Aitigar Mosque, Bazaar, etc.

D3  Kashgar / Aksu ( Express way 462kms )
Start your overland tours today. It is a long driving today along the north Silk Road, and we can enjoy theTakelimakan Desert en route as well as the villages of Urgar ethnic minorities.

Takelimakan-desertKan-er-WellDesert Motorhome Overland

D4  Aksu / Kuche / Kurle ( Express way 545kms )
Continue your overland tours today along the north Silk Road, and we can enjoy the Takelimakan Desert en route as well as the villages of Urgar ethnic minorities. 

D5  Kurle / Turpan ( Express way 392kms )
Continue your overland tours today along the north edge of Takelimakan desert, enjoy the great view of desert and oasis en routes.

D6  Turpan / Hami ( Express way, 412kms )
Visit the ruin of Gaochang in Turpan in the morning. And in the afternoon drive to Hami, and enjoy the Gebi desert en route. 

D7  Hami / Dunhuang ( Express way, 415kms )
Drive to Dunhuang in the morning, and visit the Minshashan Hill in the afternoon. If you like, you can ride camelhere, and enjoy the Sunset of the desert.


D8  Dunhuang / Jiayuguan ( Express way, 365kms )
Visit Mogao cave in the morning, enjoy the amazing painting 1000 years ago. And in the afternoon head for Jiayuguan overland. 

D9  Jiayuguan / Gulang ( Express way, 526 kms )
It is a long driving day today again, and we will drive along the Hexi Corridor, enjoy the villages and towns en route. If time permit, we will drop a visit to the Giant Buddha temple in Zhangye. 
D10  Gulang / Pingliang ( Express way, 540 kms )
Driving day, enjoy the villages and towns en route. 

D11  Pingliang / Xi'an ( Express way, 360 kms )
Driving day, enjoy the mountain and wide plateau of Loess en route. Arrive in Xi’an in at noon. 
D12  Xi’an Leisure Tour
Surely we will visit Terra Cotta Museum at first, and then make tour to other historical sites in Xi’an city, such as the Old City Wall, Wide Goose tower, Historical Museum, etc.

D13  Xi’an / Yan’an ( Express Way 301 kms )
Start overland tour expedition today, and enjoy the landscape of North Sha’anxi en route, and arrive in Yan’an at noon. Yan’an is also an famous old town, we will visit the cave dwelling of Chairman Mao, the Babaoshan hill, etc in the afternoon.

D14  Yan’an / Lijiashan ( Paved Road 293km )

Head for Lijiashan by overland tours today, and enjoy the typical Chinese villages en route.

D15  Lijiashan / Pingyao ( Express Way 118 kms )
Continue self-driving overland tours today, and then arrive in
Pingyao in the morning. Free to explore the old town of Pingyao in the afternoon.



D16  Pingyao / Mt Wutaishan ( Express Way 258 kms )
Head for Mt
Wutaishan today, and drop a visit to the Qiao Family Yard en route. And arrive in the sacred Buddhism mountain of Wutaishan in the afternoon. Free to explore the Buddhism temples en the mountain.


D17  Wutaishan / Datong ( Express Way 186 kms )
Continue to visit the temples and mountain of Wutaishan in the morning, and then drive to
Datong in the afternoon.

D18  Datong / Beijing ( Express Way 280 kms )
In the morning we will visit the
Yungang Grottoes, and then head for Beijing in the afternoon overland. We will stop at the Great Wall of Badaling close to Beijing.

D19  Great Wall Tour ( Express Way 75 kms )
We will visit the Great Wall of Badaling in the morning, you can get up early to watch the Sun rise, or hike a few miles on the Great Wall, and in the afternoon we will drive to
Ming Tomb, which is the best reserved Mausoleum. And drive to Beijing city in the late afternoon.

D20 -21  Beijing City Tour
After 20 days’ overland tour in China, eventually we arrive in Beijing! It would be the highlight of our China overland tours, a lot of historical sites are waiting for us: the Forbidden City,
Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Lama temple, etc.




D22 Beijing / Erlianhaote ( Express Way 692 kms )
We will bid farewell to Beijing today, and have a long time’s driving to the China boarder of Erlianhaote, prepare for departure.


D23  Spare day in case of any delay.

D24 Cross boarder to Mongolia
Cross China boarder to Mongolia and our China overland tours is complete. End.


Price       US $ 3990. 00 per car


It is based on one car with only one driver. And US $ 300.00 per person will be charged for extra passengers, and US $ 75 per person will be charged for the extra driving license.


Price Included

1.  All of the government paper works, such as tourism, transportation, police, Custom, etc.
2.. One English speaking guide. He will seat in one of the car, so there must leave one seat for him. And he pay for his meals and accommodation himself.      
3. Vehicle Insurance of the accident.    
4. The travel permits for the traveller. .
5. The temporal driving license and driving plate of the car in China. Each car we provided only one free temporal driving licenses, and US $ 75 per person will be charged for the extra driving license.
6. Provide Visa invitation letter.


Price Excluded

1. Your vehicle. You can drive your vehicle into China, or rent a Chinese vehicle.

2. Your oil, vehicle maintenance, parking fee, toll gate fees, the deposit required by China Custom at border..
3. Your meals, accommodation and tour site tickets. You can stay in motor home or camping when the condition is suitable. And you can also stay in hotel if you like and pay for it in cash yourselves. 
4. China visa or China visa extension fees.
5. Any of the medicinal cost due to your own health .
6. Any other cost we have not mentioned.


Files Required

1.  The information of your organization or travel agency or name, including your name, nationality, address, contact, the purpose of the travel.       
2. The vehicle’s files: The clear pictures of them in front, side, back. Each of them should be 2 pieces. The copies of vehicle's registration paper in your country. You also need to state clearly about the vehicle, including their brands, place of production, engine numbers, chassis numbers, their value, their driving plate in your country, the name of their owner.      
3.  The drivers’ files : their names, nationalities, gender, occupation, passport numbers. They should be accord with your passport. The copy of their driving license in their country or their international driving license, which should be qualified in driving your car. Their ID photo , which we will use to obtain driving license. 8 pieces.  
4. The information of passengers, including their names, nationalities, gender, occupation, passport numbers and copy of passport.     
5. The annual vehicle Test certificate. 


1. All of the files you can send us through E-mail scanning copies.
2. The driver should obey China traffic laws.
3.  The overland travel we provided is only for sightseeing tours friendly, any activity disobeys China law should be handed up to police department. Any activities of taking film for the military base, trucks are absolutely dangerous and will cause problem.  
4. The obtaining work is a very complex procedure with strong government facilities, so we suggest early work on it in order to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Special Attention

1. Because it is group tours, all of the vehicles and travelers are bounded together, so you must enter and exit China together at the same boarder at the same time.
2. The route is permit by the government strictly, so you can not deviate it.

3. Because it is overland land tours, there are many unexpected facilities, so the might be flexibility in entering and leaving days, please leave certain margin for it when you apply files of other countries.

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