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Camel Riding in Silk Road



As the ship in desert, camel played an important role in carriage connecting China with Europe for thousands of years. We could say it is camel that carried the process of Silk Road trade. Although modern transportation has take place of camel in most of the silk road area, camel is still alive as mainly transportation tool in some countryside. Riding camel is also an exotic experience, through which we can trace that period of history faded away, also recall the memory of our ancestors. Let the wind dry our hair, and listen the bell tinkling in Sun set!   

China Exploration provides the camel riding in many places of west China, such as Ganshu province, Ningxia District, Xinjiang District. Below are some of the products for your reference, and you can also tell us any other place you would like to ride. 


Camel Riding in Dunhuang Gebi Desert



D1 Arrive in Dunhuang  
Arrive in Dunhuang in the afternoon. Free walk around in the Dunhuang city . Night in hotel . (Dinner )

D2 Dunhuang / Mogaoku / Mingsha mountain / Dunhuang   (Camel Riding)

In the morning we will head for the world culture heritage, Mogaoku, visit various Buddhism painting thousand years ago. After lunch drive to Dangquanhe River Bridge, and begin our camel riding. We will ride the camel along the foot of Mingsha mountain and cross the desert to the Parking of Yueyaquan ( 3 hrs’ riding ) . After the riding we will visit the famous Mingsha mountain and Crescent Spring in the late afternoon. Return hotel in the late afternoon. Night in hotel . ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )



Mogao-Cavemingsha-mountainCamel riding


D3 Dunhuang / Mingsha mountain / West Cave of thousands of Buddha (Camel riding )

In the early morning we will drive to Mingsha mountain again , then begin our second section of camel riding tours in Gobi desert . We will start from Dunhuang Shanzhuang, visit Mingsha mountain, villages, Gebi desert en route. And arrive in the old town of Dunhuang in about 3 hrs). After lunch we will continue to ride from desert to West Cave of Thousands Buddha. ( about 2 hr riding, 1 hrs visit ) . Camping in the evening. ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )

D4 West Cave of Buddha / Yumenguan Ruin  (Jade Gate Pass )  (Camel Riding)

Enjoy the sun rise of Gebi desert in the morning, and after breakfast we will continue camel riding and arrive in Danghe Dam in about 1 hrs, watch the sleeping Buddha. After lunch we will continue the camel riding, enjoying the desert, oasis and sun set en route. And reach Yumenguan ruin in about 3 hrs. Yumenguan (Jade Gate Pass), which has thousands of years’ history. It was in this gate, the ancient people crossed here to western world. Camping. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

D5 Yumenguan / Hecang Ruin (Camel Riding )

Enjoy the peaceful morning of old villages, and then we will continue camel riding along the ancient Yangguan road, tracing the belling of ancient silk-road merchant. Arrive in the North gate of Yumenguan, visit the ruin of great wall of Han dynasty about 2000 years ago. And then we will continue to ride to ancient Hechang ruin in about 1 hrs. Hechang ruin had been the storage for ancient Chinese army Camping in the evening.  ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )





D6 Hechang / Dunhuang

Start from Hechang ruin in the morning, riding along the wide silk-road in about 4 hrs, and reach the boarder of Oasis, and then meet with the driver and return city.  Free in the afternoon. Night in hotel. ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )

D7 Dunhuang Departure

Bid farewell and fly to other city. END.


CE-ET-02 :


Camel Riding in Hetian

Itinerary 2:

D1 Urumqi / Hetian 

Fly to Hetian in the late afternoon from Beijing, Shanghai or other city. Check in the hotel.

D2 Hetian / Yutian

Make some city sightseeing tours in Hetian, such as the Jade River, Silk Factory, etc. Drive to Yutian in the afternoon.





D3 Yutian / Daheyan

Drive to Yutian, which is the only origin life remained villages and you can experienced the folklore of locals. We will practice riding camel today, and then we will ride to Daheyan. Camping.

D4 10 Daheyan / Mazatage

We will begin our long riding today. You will be in the heart place of Takelimakan desert, the sea of death, and we will enjoy the beauty and wonder of desert, the sea of Death. The ancient Silk Road merchants traveled in this route. Camping in the evening. Arrive in Muztag in the 10th day and meet with the car.



yutian-villageMazatage-mountainride camel


D10 Maza / Hetian

Drive back Hetian, and fly back Urumqi.


D11 Departure.

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