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We tailor-made various holidays for both families and friends based on their time, interest, and specific need. Accommodation, transportation, meals, tour activities, all will be considered suitably.

Tibet Tour

Tibet adventure, show you incredible Tibetan plateau, ancient architecture, and unique culture folklore, mysterious religions and friendly Tibetan people. Tibet should be your top choice for a pilgrimage journey.
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Shangri-la Overland Exploration in East Tibet

Yading, the "Shangri-La" discovered by Joseph Rock in 1928, is renowned for the 3 holy peaks naming after 3 bodhisattvas, Chenrezig, Jampayang, and Chenadorje. The south peak 
Jambeyang (or Yangmaiyong) of 5,958m is the avatar of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. The east peak Chanadorje (or Xianuoduoji) of the same height represents Vajrapani , the Bodhisattva of Wrath. The north peak, Chenresig (or Chenrezig, Xiannairi  ) of 6,032m, the highest of the trio, symbolizes Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Mercy.
It used to be difficult for most of tourist due to its poor transportation, but now things are much easier due to the good road condition. In this tour, China Tour Special will provide private tour to this beautiful land for you. Just come with us! 
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12 days
Tour Code:
Departure Date:
Sept 16th, 2017
Tour Attraction:
Panda Garden, Seda,Dege, Baiyu, Yaqing Monastery, Danba
Tour Type:
Land tour + Private English speaking guide+Private driver+Hotels
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The East Tibetan plateau is a vast, mysterious and beautiful land. A lot of snow peaks, grasslands, Tibetan villages and monasteries are well reserved, and some people also called it Kham area. Among them, Dege is the culture center of Kham Tibetan, Yading is the mysterious Shangri-La described by Rock Joseph, Seda is known for its huge Wuming Buddhism school, Danba is boasting the most beautiful village in Tibet. The most important, no special permit is required here. It is real Shangri-la! 
China Exploration will take you to explore this remote and picturesque land and make a tour of life memory. 

Departure Time: Sept 16th .

Day 1 Sept 16th, 2017  Arrive Chengdu 
Arrive in Chengdu and check in hotel yourself. Do some city tour accordingly. We suggest you arrive in Chengdu in the morning, so that you can spare time to visit the cultural sites of Chengdu yourself,such as Wide and narrow alley, bamboo garden park, etc. 
Day 2 Sept 17th, 2017  Chengdu / Panda Garden/ Barkam  ( 368km / 5 hours drive) (B/L/D)
Since Sichuan is the home town of giant Panda, so in the morning we will head for the giant panda research base in the suburb, and then we will drive to Markam. And we will drop a visit in Taoping village in Lixian, which is the main residency of Qiang people. The old houses and towers of Qiang people are still well reserved its tradition. In the afternoon we will arrive at Markam, the capital city of Aba Tibetan Prefecture, also the important cultural city of Amdo Tibetan. Enjoy the big mountains and rivers all the day. Free to walk around in the beautiful Tibetan city. Night in local hotel. 

Day 3 Sept 18th, 2017 Barkam/ Wengda/ Seda ( 285km/ about 6 hrs drive) (B/L/D)
Drive to Seda all the day, and we will enjoy the big mountains and valleys en route. Arrive at Seda in the afternoon, and we will free to walk around in the huge Larong Wuming Buddhism School. The Larong Wuming Buddhism school is the largest Buddhism in the world, and possessing monks about 50,000 in its best time. Night in local guesthouse.  
Day4 Sept 19th, 2017 Seda / Ganzi  ( 130 km/ about 3 hrs driving) (B/L/D)
In the morning we will continue tour in the Larong Wuming Buddhism School. Sometimes, you can even catch the scene of sky burial. Drive to Ganzi county at noon, and free to walk in the city. The beautiful Ganzi county, the important transportation hub of North Kham area, is located in a basin surrounded by snowcapped mountains. We will visit Ganzi Temple (Gelu section). It’s the region’s largest temple, dating back to 500 years, contain over 500 monks there. Night in local hotel. 


Day5 Sept 20th, 2017  Ganzi / Dege (210km/ about 4 hours drive) (B/L/D)
In the morning we will drive to Dege, and we will drive cross Chola Mountain pass, which is 5260 meters in sea level, and also the highest mountain pass in this route. Arrive at Dege in the at noon. we will visit the Buddhism Scripture Printing school. Its seclusion, however, to a large extent contributes to the survival of traditional culture. Dege Scripture Printing House, credited as 'the encyclopedia of Tibetan culture,' is among the best-protected in the region. Then visit Gonchen Monastery in Dege, which is belong to Ningma section. Night in local hotel . 
Day 6 Sept 21th, 2017 Dege / Baiyu  (180km/ 6.5 hrs drive) (B/L/D) 
In the morning we will drive to Baiyu along the Yangtze river, also called Jinsha River in this section,  and we will visit beautiful Baiyu Monastery. And in the afternoon we will continue to Yaqing Monastery. It is also a huge monastery with over ten thousands of monks living in this wide grassland. Compared with Wuming Budhism school in Seda, Yaqin Monastery is more closed and original in transportation and society. Return Baiyu in the late afternoon, free to have a rest. 


Day 7 Sept 22th, 2017 Baiyu/ Litang   (420km/ 8.5 hrs drive) (B/L/D) 
In the morning we will drive to Litang via Gayu and Shama. It could be the most remote area in China, and we will cross the huge mountain and forest with few people en route. Arrive at Litang in the late afternoon. Litang is boasting the high town in the world with sea level of 4100 meter in sea level, and it is also the birth place of 8th Dalai Lama.  Night in local hotel.  
Day 8 Sept 23th, 2017  Litang / Daocheng / Shangri-la Village  (328km /about 4 hrs drive) (B/L/D)
After breakfast, we will drive to Daocheng in about 2 hours, enjoy the beautiful Mt. Haizishan , and a lot of ice lakes spared in this wide land.  Arrive at Shangri-la village in the late afternoon.  


Day 9 Sept 24th, 2017 Yading Hiking  / Daocheng  ( hiking 6 hours , and then drive 130km /about 2 hrs drive )  (B/L/D)
Head for Yading Nature Reserve in the morning. We will enjoy the sacred snow peaks of Yading in the mid of mountain, and then we will arrive in Nuorong Yak Farm by local sightseeing car, and then we will make a mild hiking today. We will hike to the Milk Lake in about 2.5 hours, which is just at the foot of snow peaks, and then we will return Daocheng in the late afternoon. Free to walk around to experience the beauty and quietness of Daocheng. 
Day 10 Sept 25th, 2017 Daocheng / Tagong / Danba  (496km/ 8 hrs drive) (B/L/D)  
And our group will drive to Danba all the day via Litang, Yajiang and Danba, enjoy the mountain and grassland continually. And we will drop a visit in Huiyuan monastery, which used to be refuge of the 7th Dalai Lama for 7 years, also the birth place of 11th Dalai Lama. Danba is known as the Valley of Beauty, and we will go to the Jiaju Village in the mountain directly, which is boasting the most beautiful Tibetan village. The beautiful houses and Tibetan castles pile down from the half mountain. We will have a Tibetan style food today at Tibetan house, also make a home stay in local Tibetan house. 

Note: There is airport close to Daocheng, today you can fly back to Chengdu in about 1 hour, or you can rent a car to Shangri-la in Yunnan, and you can also continue with the group back Chengdu overland, 

Day 11 Sept 26th, 2017 Danba / Chengdu  (350km/ 8 hrs drive) (B/L/D)
In the morning we will enjoy the beautiful Jiaju village, and then drive back to Chengdu via Wolong or Fengtongzhai, depend on the road situation. Arrive at Chengdu in the late afternoon. Enjoy a farewell dinner.
Day 12 Sept 26th, 2017 Chengdu Departure

Your tour stop this morning, you can fly back Chengdu or other cities, and you can also extend your tour to Shangrila and Lijiang in Yunnan yourself.


Fixed Departure Time: Sept 16th , 2017        

Join-in Price: US $ 1890 . 00 per pax

Price included service: 

1. English speaking guide. 
2. Air-conditioned private transportation. 
3. Accommodation. In Chengdu, Markam, Ganzi, Dege, Daocheng, will be hotel about 3 star, and Seda, Baiyu, Litang will be local guesthouse, and in Danba will be local villagers’ guesthouse. Every two people share one room. 
4.  Meals as schedule listed. Chinese style breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be arranged according to local condition. 
5.  Tour site entrance tickets. 
Price not included: 
1. Any of medicinal cost due to travelers’ own health. 
2. Tips for guide and driver. 
3. Any of the transportation arrival in Chengdu on Day 1, and departure on Day 12th . 
4. Any of other cost we have not mentioned. 

Health Request: Because this area will be on plateau around 3000 meters to 4000 meters mostly, and we will pass by some mountain pass around 5000 meters, so strong health condition is required. Please enquire your doctor about it.


Note: We also offer tailor-made or private tour service for you in any season, please feel free to contact us if you need. 

Price (Based on per person and shown in US dollars):
Join-in Price: US $ 1650 . 00 per pax

Price Item:

Health Request:

Because this area will be on plateau around 3000 meters to 4000 meters mostly, and we will pass by some mountain pass around 5000 meters, so strong health condition is required. Please enquire your doctor about it.

We also offer tailor-made or private tour service for you in any season, please feel free to contact us if you need.  
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