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We tailor-made various holidays for both families and friends based on their time, interest, and specific need. Accommodation, transportation, meals, tour activities, all will be considered suitably.

Tibet Tour

Tibet adventure, show you incredible Tibetan plateau, ancient architecture, and unique culture folklore, mysterious religions and friendly Tibetan people. Tibet should be your top choice for a pilgrimage journey.
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East Tibetan Plateau Highlights

Chengdu is the paradise for tourist, and a lot of beautiful nature reserves and historic sites are scattered in the mountain and Tibetan plateau around it. Jiuzhaigou National Parks, Huanglong National Parks, Roergai Grasslandare all famous among them.Jiuzhaigou Valley got its name from night Tibetan villages in the valley. It is located in the deep mountain of Mingshan in the edge of east Tibetan plateau. Hundreds of beautiful snow mountain lakes, many of grand waterfalls, dense virgin forest, precious animals and snow peaks surrounding all built up the beautiful and magic nature reserve. It is also called fairyland on the earth.
It used to be difficult for most of tourist due to its poor transportation, but now things are much easier due to the good road condition. In this tour, China Tour Special will provide private tour to this beautiful land for you. Just come with us! 
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10 days
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Every day
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Siguniangshan Mountain,Roergai grassland,Jiuzhaigou valley,Huanglong National Park
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Land tour + Private English speaking guide+Private driver+Hotels
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Danba, Daowu, Seda, Markam, and Jiuzhaigou are located in the East Tibetan plateau boarder. They have most convenient transportation to Chengdu within one day’s driving. In this route, beautiful Tibetan monastery, grassland, villages, all remains to be discovered by you.


Itinerary :

D1 Chengdu

Arrive in Chengdu. Prepare for our overland expedition.

D2 Chengdu / Rilong

Head for Wolong firstly, where we will visit Giant Panda Nature Reserve. Then we will climb over Mt Balang ( 4600m ) and arrive in Rilong town. We will drop a visit in the oriental Alps,  Siguniangshan Mountain .



D3 Rilong / Danba / Daowu

Drive to
Danba in the morning, visit the castle of Wori Tusi ( local Tibetan king), then the tower castles of Suopo village. Continue to Daowu via Mt Yala. And we will also visit Huiyun Monastery in Bamei.

D4 Daowu / Luoho / Seda

All the day drive to Seda, enjoy the beautiful plateau and Tibetan house en route.




D5 Seda / Markam

We will visit the Wuming Buddhism Study institute, then drive to Markam. Drop a visit in Zuokeji Tusi Castle.

D6 Markam/ Hongyuan

Drive to Hongyuan in the morning, then we will continue to the Big Bend of Yellow River, Tangke.

D7 Hongyuan / Roergai / Jiuzhaigou Valley

Enjoy the beautiful view of bending Yellow river crossing grassland, then we will cross the wide
Roergai grassland to Jiuzhaigou valley.

D8 Jiuzhaigou Valley

The whole day we will visit the national park, the lakes, virgin forest, waterfall , etc.


D9 Jiuzhaigou Valley / Huanglong / Song pan 

Drive to
Huanglong National Park to visit the alpine park, then continue to Song pan. Visit the old town of Songpan.



D10Song pan. / Chengdu  

We will drive back to Chengdu all the day.

D11 Chengdu Departure

Depart Chengdu.

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If you require, we can book hotels in Chengdu, and make private airport and city tour necessary.

Are you interested in this itinerary? Send us a message and let us help you plan and book your China vacation based on this sample. Response within 24 hours. Contact our Travel Consultant.
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