Litang Horse Riding Race Festival
In the vast land of East Tibetan Plateau, Amdo and Kham Tibetan.( Khampa ) created glorious Tibetan culture. The Wuming Buddhism School in Seda is the most known. It posses about 50,000 monks in its peak time, and now about 10,000 monks are exiting. Besides it, snow mountains waving endless, grassland enrolling to the edge of sky, sky blue as just washed by water, yaks feeding calmly, monasteries scattered in mountain and grassland, and friendly Tibetan grinning to visitors.
Also the Litang Horseback Riding & Racing Festival is the most celebrated holiday on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau. The Tibetans will come from far away and set tents to wait for the big days, here they will have their heart -jumping -out competition of horse riding, relax them in the ancient dancing shows, etc. In the racing festival the brave riders will show the audience their skills of horseback speed riding, shooting, picking scarlet on the fast running horseback, etc. It is a best time of fashion shows. The handsome men and the women will wear their most beautiful folk dresses with valuable Jewelry, and they will support their heroes with thunder-like applauses and cheers. And it is also a good time for trade. Various Tibetan living wares are put on the stands for sale.

 In this trip China Exploration will take the travelers to visit this vast Tibetan Plateau as well as explore the mysterious Tibetan folklore and culture. 
Litang Horse Riding Race Festival
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Tour Attraction: Rilong, Danba, Jinchuan, Seda, Wuming Buddhism School, Luhuo, Ganzi, Xinlong, Litang, Daocheng Yading, Kangding
  • Departure Date: July 28th
  • Tour Type:
  • Tour Code:
D1- July 28th  Chengdu / Rilong / Danba  Driving 318 kms,   6.5 hrs
Meet at the hotel at 8:30am and then star the tour. Pass by Dujiangyan and Rilong, where you can see the beautiful snow peaks of Four Girls Mountain. Arrive at Danba in the late afternoon, Enjoy the beautiful night of Jiaju Tibetan village. Night in local Tibetan guesthouse. 
D2 –July 29th Danba – Jinchuan - Seda   Driving 306 kms    6.5 hrs
Have a panorama view of Jiaju Tibetan village, and then drive to Seda via Jinchuan county, enjoy the beautiful Jinchuan valley and Dadu River en route. Arrive at Seda county in the late afternoon, and enjoy the beautiful view of Wuming Buddhism school. Sea level about 3890 meters.
Night in Waxu Hotel.




D3-July 30th  Seda – Wuming Buddhism School –Luhuo – Ganzi    Driving 250kms  4hrs
Visit the huge Seda Wuming Buddhism School in the morning, and then drive to Ganzi city in the afternoon. Sea level about 3390 meters
Night in Shenlong Hotel

Fly to other city in the morning.

D4-July 31st   Ganzi – Xinlong-Litang   Driving 257kms   6hrs
Visit the ancient Ganzi Monastery, and then Dajin Monastery, and then drive to Litang via Xinlong.Enjoy the mountain, Tibetan village and grassland en route. Sea level about 4100 meters
Night in local hotel.



D5-6 August 1st – 2nd  Litang Horse Riding Race Festival  
You will stay Litang for 3 days in order to experience this grand ceremony of Tibetan plateau. You will enjoy the breathtaking skill of horse riding as well as enjoy the traditional fashion show and trade market. It is a carnival of Tibetan!  There are different horse riding races, such as shooting on the back of horse, horse trekking races, pick-up scarlet from horse back, etc. You can even try to learn horse riding yourself!

D7- August 3rd - Litang – Daocheng - Yading     Driving 230 Kms,    4 hrs.
Continue to watch the horse riding festival in the morning, and then drive to Yading via Daoceng in the afternoon. You will pass by the big mountain of Haizishan, enjoy the wonder of ice lakes mountain. Night in local hotel.




D8 - August 4th Yading – Daocheng   Driving 110 Km,   2 hrs 
All the day to visit the beautiful snow peaks of Yading, and then drive back to Daocheng. Night in local hotel. 
D9 - August 5th  Daocheng –Kangding     Driving 425 kms, 7 hrs.
Drive to Xinduqiao Village all the day, enjoy the wide Tibetan mountain and grassland en route, also pass by beautiful  Xinduqiao village. Arrive at Kangding in the late afternoon. Night in local hotel. 
Optional: You can also back Chengdu from the airport of Daocheng. 
D10- August 6th  Kangding – Chengdu    Driving 340 kms, 7 hrs
Drive to Chengdu via Luding and Ya’an all the day. End of the tour. 



Risk reminding: The tour are mainly on the plateau above 3000 meters, and some of the mountain pass will be around 4500 meters, please take care of your health. And it is about 15 Centigrade in the day time, and 5centigrade in the  evening, and some of the place is snowing with ice. Please bring enough close. 

Price: US $ 790.00 per person  Single Supplement: US $ 250.00

Price included service:
1. All of the accommodation. In Kangding will be 3 star level hotel, in Seda, Litang, Daocheng ,Shangri-la village will be 2-3 star hotel, in Danba will be local Tibetan guesthouse. Every 2 people share one room. 
2. Tour site entrance tickets. 
3. English speaking guide service. 
4. Air-conditioned private transportation. 
5. Travel injury insurance with the highest refund of RMB 300000, terms subject to the insurance company with Chengdu Jason Tour. 
Not included:
1. Tips for the guides and drivers. 
2. Accommodation in Chengdu. 
3. Meals. It is easy for you to order cheap noodle of $2.per meal or big Chinese meals, all depend on your budget. 
4. Horse riding in Litang or Daocheng.
5. Any of the optional program.  


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