2018 From Laos To Mongolia Driving Through Overland Jion-in Tours

Are you looking for the way to drive into China with your own car? Driving your own car to visit the huge China could be the most fantastic and amazing travel experience, but it is a bit complicated and expensive for a single car to make such a trip because any of the international driving plate and license are not valid in China.
China Exploration possesses 20 years’ experience in operating overland tour in China with foreign vehicles and drivers. And we pushed the join-in China overland tours in order to deduct the budget as well as add more fun to the trip. In this join-in tour, China Exploration will apply all of the government documents and apply Chinese driving license and plate for you, and you just arrive at China boarder on time!  Everything is easy in our hand!
On this route, you will visit most of the natural and cultural highlights of China from South to North of China, it is an adventure of lifetime.

Tour code:JASON-OL-SP1701
Departure Group :  Apr 18th  May 17th , 2018.
Driving Tour from Laos to Mongolia Via China 



D1 Mohan Border works.
Cross the border from Laos to Mohan of China, complete the border works for both the tourist and vehicle. Night in local hotel.
D2 Mengla - Jinghong    Driving 140 Kms, 2.5 hrs.
Apply the Chinese temporal driving license and driving plates in local traffic police station, and then drive to Jinghong city of Xishuangbanna, vehicle checking and prepare for your long distance expedition in China.
D3 Jinghong- Kunming   Driving 550Kms, 8 hrs.
Drive to Kunming all the day along the highway, enjoy the big mountain en route.
D4 Kunming - Qujing  Driving 150Kms, 2 hours  
Visit the magic park of Stone forest in the morning, and then drive to Qujing in the late afternoon.   
D5 Qujing- Anshun  Driving 260kms, 3.5 hours.
Drive down from Yunnan plateau to Guizhou in the morning, enjoy the wide view of Yunnan and the mountain of Guizhou. Arrive in Anshun at noon, visit the famous Huangguoshu Water Fall in the afternoon. 

mohan-port Stone-Forest-Kunming dali-old-city

D6 Anshun -Guiyang-Kaili    Driving 340Kms, 4.5 hrs.
Drive to Xijiang Miao Village in Kaili via Guiyang in the morning, enjoy the Krast style landscape en route. Visit the Xijiang Miao Village in the afternoon.Night in local village to experience the unique Miao People’s life.
D7 Kaili - Longsheng    Driving 410 Kms,  7.5 hrs.
Drive to Longji Rice Terrace all the day via Rongjiang, Chongjiang and Sanjiang city, and today you will pass by beautiful Duliu River, the Dong people’s villages. Arrive in Longji in the late afternoon, and stay one night in local village.
D8 Longsheng - Yangshuo  Driving 145 Kms, 2.5 hrs.
Enjoy the beautiful Rice Terrace in Longji in the morning, which is one of the largest rice fields in China. And then drive to Yangshuo in the afternoon, and visit the dream like beautiful West Hill in the evening.
D9 Yangshuo-Guilin  Driving 66 kms, 1.5 hrs.
Drive to Yulong River in the morning to enjoy the beautiful Yulong River and hills around, and then drive to Xingping village, where you will take the boat to enjoy the beautiful Li River, and then drive to Guilin in the afternoon to visit the Elephant Hill in the afternoon.  
D10 Guilin - Zhangjiajie    Driving 700 Kms, 8 hrs.
Drive to Zhangjiajie all the day along the highway, enjoy the mountains of Hunan province en route. Arrive in Wulingyuan National Park in the late afternoon, night in local hotel. 


lugu-lake giant-buddha-leshan Panda-Chengdu

D11 Zhangjiajie Tour
All the day visit the Wulingyuan National Park in Zhangjiajie. The Golden Whip Steam, Yuanjiajie, Tianzishan, all deserved a visit today.
D12 Zhangjiajie - Yichang    Driving 320 Kms, 6 hrs,
Drive to Yichang in the morning, and then drop a visit in the Three Gorge Dam in the late afternoon.
D13 Yichang - Fengjie- Chongqing    Driving 620 kms, 8 hrs.
Drive to Chongqing all the day, and you will enjoy the beautiful mountain along the Yangtze river, and stop for a tour in Fengjie White Emperor Temple, where you will also enjoy the Kuimen and Qutangxia Gorge. Night in Chongqing.
D14 Chongqing - Dazu - Rongxia   Driving 300 Kms, 4 hrs.
In the morning enjoy the largest mountain city, Chongqing in China, and you will drive to Dazu to drop a visit in the Buddhism Rock Carving Heritage, and then continue to drive to Rongxian city.
D15 Rongxia - Leshan - Chengdu   Driving 230 Km, 3 hrs.
Today you will visit both the TOP one and TOP two Buddha statue in the world. Firstly in the morning visit the Rongxia Giant Buddha Statue, which is the second largest Budda Statue in the world, and then head for Leshan city to visit the largest Buddha Statue in the world. Drive to Chengdu in the late afternoon.
D16 Chengdu City Tour
Chengdu is the most famous tour city in West China, so you will stay one day here also for tour of the giant Panda Garden, Kuanxiangzi old street, Jinli street, as well as the recreation of the overland tours in China for half journey. 


Terra-cotta-Xi'an lijiashan-village Pingyao-Old-City

D17 Chengdu - Xi’an    Driving 720 Kms, 9 hrs.
All the day drive to Xi’an. You will drive cross the big mountain of Qingling between Sichuan and Shanxi province, cross a lot of tunnels today. Arrive in Xi’an in the late afternoon.
D18 Xi’an City Tour
As the city with longest history of Chinese capital, Xi’an possess a lot of tour spots, the Wild Goose Tower, Old City Wall, Muslim Street, History Museum, all are hot attractions in Xi’an. You can choose anything you are interested to visit.
D19 Xi’an - Luoyang   Driving 240 Kms, 3 hrs.
Drive to Terracotta Museum in the morning, where you will enjoy the most famous Warriors 2000 years ago. And then drive to Sanmenxia city in the afternoon.
D20 Sanmenxia- Luoyang - Jincheng   Driving 260 Kms, 4 hrs.
Drive to Luoyang in the morning, and you will visit the Longmen Grotto, also called Dragon Gate , which is the largest Grottoes in China, and you can enjoy various Buddhism Rock Carving from 1500 years ago. In the late aferternoon drive to Jincheng for night.
D21 Jincheng - Pingyao    Driving 550 kms, 8 hrs.
All the day drive to Pingyao Old city, enjoy the big mountain of North China. Arrive in Pingyao and free to walk around in the old town in the evening. 

Mount-Wutai The-Great-Wall Erlianhaote-Port

D22 Pingyao - Wutaishan Mountain    Driving 290 Kms, 4 hrs.
In the morning drive to visit the Qiao Family Yard, and then continue to Wutaishan Mountain, drop a visit in Dailuoding Summit.
D23 Wutaishan - Yingxian  Driving 122 Kms, 3 hrs.
Continue the tour in Wutaishan Mountain, and today you can visit Xiantong Monastery, Pagoda Monastery, in the afternoon drive to Yingxian to drop a visit to the Leaning Tower, which will show you the magnificent skill of ancient Chinese workers.
D24 Yingxian - Hunyuan- Beijing   Driving 390 Kms, 6.5 hrs.
Drive to Hunyuan to visit the ancient Hanging Temple, which is another wonder of ancient Chinese architecture. And then drive to Beijing all the day.
D25 Beijing City Tour
As the capital of China, Beijing possess a lot of historical sites for your visit. The Forbidden City, Tian’anmen Square, Sky Temple, Hutong, the Summer Palace, etc.
D26 Beijing City Tour
Continue your tour in Beijing.
D27 Beijing - Zhangjiakou  Driving 196 kms, 3 hrs.
In the morning drive to visit the Great Wall out of the city, and then drive to Zhangjiakou in the afternoon.
D28 Zhangjiakou - Erlianhaote   Driving 490 Kms, 6 hrs.  
Drive to Erlianhaote border all the day, enjoy the Mongolia Gebi desert en route. If possible, exit China today in the late afternoon.
D29 Spare Day
Spare day in case of any delaying on the road.
D30 Erlianhaote Exit
Border work of Erlian and exit China today, drive into Mongolia, end of the driving tour in China. 


Price for Join-in Tour:  US $ 3450. 00 per car
Note: It is based on one car with two passengers, and only one driving license provided. If there are more passengers in the car, extra US $ 300.00/ per person will be charged.
Price included service :
1.  All of the government paper works to support the entering and exiting works of the vehicle and groups.
2.. One English speaking guide. He will seat in one of the car, so there must leave one seat for him. And he pay for his meals and accommodation himself.  
3. Traveler accident injury insurance with the highest refund of RMB 100,000.00.   
4. The travel permits for the traveller. .
5. The temporal driving license and driving plate of the car in China. Each car we provided only one free temporal driving licenses, and US $ 75 per person will be charged for the extra driving license.
6. Provide free visa invitation letter.
7. Traveler’s travel injury insurance.
8. Obliged vehicle insurance with the highest refund of RMB 2000.00 for property and RMB 100,000.00 for the third people killing.

Price not included:
1. Your vehicle. You can drive your vehicle into China, or rent a Chinese vehicle.
2. Your oil, vehicle maintenance, parking fee, toll gate fees.
3. Your meals, accommodation and tour site tickets. You can stay in motor home or camping when the condition is suitable. And you can also stay in hotel if you like and pay for it in cash yourselves.  
4. China visa or China visa extension fees.
5. Any of the medicinal cost due to your own health .
6. Any other cost we have not mentioned.
7. The deposit required by China Custom. Every vehicle need to pay deposit at China custom in advance, and you can wire the deposit to us before your arrival and after your leaving we will wire it back, or we can pay for you with extra bank fees from you. 

C. The files we require from you:
1. The information of your organization or travel agency or name, including your name, nationality, address, contact, the purpose of the travel.
2. The vehicle’s files: The clear pictures of them in front, side, back. The copies of vehicle's registration paper in your country which should state clearly the information and datas including its brand, type, place of production, age, engine numbers, chassis numbers, value, oil, driving plate in your country, name of owner.
3.  The drivers’ files : Clear copy of your passport,ID photo, and driving license in your country. We will need the clear information of your name, nationality, gender, passport numbers, birth date, driving license number, qualification of driving your vehicle. The maximum age allowed to issue driving license in China is no more than 70 years old.
4. The file of passengers: Clear passport copy, including their names, nationalities, gender, occupation, passport numbers and copy of passport.
5. The file of annual vehicle safety test certification.  

1.  All of the files you can send us through email scanning copies.
2.  The driver should obey China traffic laws strictly.
3.  The overland travel we provided is only for sightseeing tours friendly, any activity disobeys China law should be handed up to police department. Any activities of taking photo for the military base and connecting are not allowed and will cause problem.   
4. The obtaining work is a very complex procedure with strong government facilities, so we suggest early work on it in order to ensure everything runs smoothly.
5. The information of road and distance is only for reference.
D Special Attention for agreement:
1. Because it is group tour, all of the vehicles and travelers are required to enter, travel and exit China together, so mutual compromise during tour among travelers is necessary.
2. The route is permit by the government after strict checking, so the group cannot change it except on urgent situation.
3. Unexpected facilities existed in the overland tours, so it is flexible in entering and leaving days please leave certain margin for it when you apply files of other countries.  


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