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Salute to the 78 years old driver

Mr Finn Halberg from Denmark, could be the oldest driver in the history of China in 2008. At that time he was just 78 years old, but he and his wife crossed the half world with his 30 years’ old motorhome of Mercedes Benz to China, and completed their 60 days’ self-driving tour in China.


When we received the enquiry from Mr Halberg, we were quite worried, he was already 70 years old, how could he complete such a long and hard tour in China? And would China traffic police grand him driving license? Normally Chinese would stop driving before 65 years old. Police told us there was no restriction in the age in law only if their health condition was permit, and Finn promised us his health no problem, so we started to work on his trip.


And we arranged Ms Sissi Tung specifically in order to help him. Although Sissi was young, just graduated from college within 2 years, she had learned a lot in China Exploration's tours, and she just completed the guide for Mr Tino’s overland tours from Chengdu to Guilin in April, the route is still fresh for her.


In May 20th, 2008, the Halbergs and their 30 years old motorhome crossed the Turgart boarder smoothly, and then started their China tours pleasantly. It was a long trip, covered Xinjiang, Ganshu, Shanxi , Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai, Guangxi, and Yunnan, Finn overcomed his high age, and almost completed all the tours if there were no accident of storm in Xinjiang.


When they just on the way to Turpan, everything seemed to be peace and smoothly, but when they crossed the big bend between Urumqi and Turpan, an unexpected accident happened. The fierce wind flew off the roof of the old car! Sissi called for help immediately, and local police came very soon and saved them to the safe place. The motorhome was too old to bare the strong wind, but the important parts like engin was not damaged. After the quick repairation of the vehicle, Finn continued their tour optimistically very soon, and exit China in 50 days later.


Mr Halbert, we admire you, you set a record never broken for China self-driving tours, and you proved that elder people could be brave and vigorous as young people. Please accept our highest salute!





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