Nature Reserve

Gongga Mountain - The King of Su Mountains

Sichuan Gongga National Nature Reserve


Mount Gongga Nature Reserve is located in the joint border of Kangding, Luding, Jiulong and Shimian County in Sichuan Province with 400,000 hectares. In 1997 it was ranked as National Park targeting protecting forestry botanic system, precious animals and the modern ice glacier, etc.

Mount Gongga lies in the transitional zone between Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Sichuan Basin. The main peak (7,556 ms) is the highest peak of Sichuan Province, called "the king of Shu Mountains".


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The high and steep mountain is covered forever with thawless snow. If visitors look at the mountain from far, it seems to float above a vast snow-sea. In the zone, there are many natural sights, such as ancient glaciers relic, modern glaciers, virgin forests, hot springs, lakes, snow peaks, etc.


In the protection zone, southern and eastern slopes have the complete upright zone spectrum from Sub-Asian Zone vegetation to Frigid Zone vegetation; western and northern slopes are characterized with the typical alpine and frigid plain vegetation, which is inlaid with alpine canyon vegetation. Because of its unique transition and mix in geographical distributing and uplift of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau since the fourth era, the biota takes on the trait which are ancient elements, complicated constitution, exquisite species polarization, various types of biologic community and biologic species.


It is investigated that there are vascular bundle plants, 185 sections, 869 categories, about 3000 kinds in which there are 23 kinds of national key protection plants, and they are katsura trees, spur leaves and so on ;About 400 kinds of amniotes, in which there are 9 kinds of national first class protection animals, and they are Lichenstein’s hartebeests, white lipped deer, golden monkeys, Asiatic wild asses, wild yaks, snow leopards and so on, and 18 kinds of national second class protection animals, and they are lesser pandas, rhesus monkeys, lynxes and so on.


Mount Gongga is a very important genic storeroom for species in the world, and also one of the best representatives in the whole globe biogeographical zone. It has very important protection value and scientific research value.  


  Located at the foot of the snow-peak of Mt. Gongga, Hailuogou Scenic Spot is celebrated for modern glacier at a height below sea level (most of the glaciers in the world is at a height above sea level).


The sparkling modern glacier slides from the high and steep ravine. The quiet mountain ridge is adorned with big snowfall into the crystal domes and jade halls. A huge ice-bridge make the visitors seem to enter the Crystal Palace in a myth.


Especially unique large ice fall, 1,000 meters in height, over 1,100 meters in breadth. Near the bitterly cold glacier there is a thermal spring maintaining at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and a steaming hot thermal-spring falls. At the same time it is both cold and hot, and its range, of temperature is a great disparity. This is really marvelous spectacle of nature.


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