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As one of the four ancient civilizations, China is playing more and more important role in world, and its influence is keeping on growing. It is necessary to let our kids know more about China, which obviously will benefit for their future. And making a travel with school or family is the most efficient way of knowing China better.

Our Students Educational tours cater to show the oversea students China from ancient to modern, from its metropolitans to rural area, furthermore, to know about Chinese and Chinese students, their future partner and rival.


Day 1 Arrive in Beijing

Today we will arrive in Beijing, the ancient capital of China with over thousand years' history. It was in this city that Chairman Mao proclaimed the People's Republic of China in 1949. Receive a welcome from our guide, transfer to hotel & learn your first Chinese greeting “Nin Hao”.




Day 2 Beijing -Ancient City Tour


An expert local guide introduces you to the Chinese capital, a treasure chest of imperial monuments. “Beijing” means “Northern Capital”. See Tian an men Square (Gate of Heavenly Peace), the largest public square in the world. And you will ascend the Tian'an men Tower to have a wide view of this most sacred square. And then you will explore the Forbidden City (Gugong). In the past 600 years, former Chinese emperor resided here as living and administration center. It is accessible only to members of the Imperial Court until as late as 1949, it is surrounded by a moat & protective wall in the center of the city. See the golden-roofed Imperial Palace, one of the world's greatest architectural achievements as well as the Summer Palace.




Day 3 Beijing - Great Wall & Tai Chi Lesson


Visit The Great Wall of China, one of the great wonders of the world. Construction began in the 5th century BC as a defense against the Mongols & 300,000 people (many of whom are buried in the wall) labored on it over several centuries. The wall extends across mountains & valleys for over 3,000 miles-perhaps only a tenth of its former length! A short HIKE to the top of the Mutianyu section, with less tourist, to learn a Tai Chi lesson. Back to Beijing in the late afternoon. In the evening we will enjoy a delicious Chinese banquet with Peking Roast Duck & experience Chinese food as an art. And in the evening, have a picture view of the Beijing Olympic Stadium Bird's Nest & Water Cube.


Day 4 Beijing - Hutongs and Sky temple tour, Calligraphy learning.

In the morning we will head for The Temple of Heaven ( Tian tan ), a huge outdoor complex adorned with Ming & Qing relics, used to worship emperor ancestors and pray for a good harvest season. And we can see locals doing morning exercises there, dancing, Qigong, Taiji, etc.


And then we will take a rickshaw to explore the old streets or Hutongs (ancient city alley or lane) of Beijing. Although the city has become an international metropolis, its small lanes & alleyways still provide access to dwellings for half the total urban population. In the afternoon we will learn calligraphy in local school. Calligraphy is the ancient way of handwriting, but it has turned out to be an art in Asia now in this computer world. It is really funning to manage the soft brush in paper! Take night train of Z19 ( 21:18 - 08:19 ) to Xi'an. Night in train.

Day 5 Xi'an- Ancient City Tour

Arrive in Xi'an in the morning. Xi'an, the city which had been the most prosperous capital for over 1,000 years, located at the eastern end of the Silk Road. While on a city tour, see the 7th century Big Wild Goose Pagoda (built upon the orders of Xuan Zang, the monk who introduced Buddhism to China). visit Bampo Museum in the morning, unfolding the long history of China. And then we will hike on the old City Wall. The old wall is best reserved in China. Afterwards, drive to the center of the city and visit the 118-foot high Bell Tower & the Great Mosque, one of China's oldest Muslim temples.




Day 6 Xi'an- Terra-cotta Army visit and Making, School Visit.


In the morning we will visit the Museum of the Terra-cotta Army, which exhibits the amazing collection of figures discovered by peasants digging for water in 1974. The army's 8,099 painstakingly modeled, life-size warriors & horses-of which NO TWO are alike-were sculpted to protect the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, founder of the Qin Dynasty & the first ruler to unify China. And then we will go to a workshop to make a terra cotta warrior ourselves. In the afternoon we will visit a school in Xi'an, you can teach them English, and they will teach you Chinese. Don't forget to prepare a gift for your Chinese friends!. Fly to Chengdu in the evening.

Day 7: Chengdu-Panda Volunteer Works Interaction

Chengdu is the largest city of Southwest China with 3000 years' history, and it is also the home of giant pandas. So in the morning we will head for Panda Breeding Research Base in the suburb. And here we will work for Panda as volunteer: Cleaning the bamboo, preparing food, and feeding pandas. It will be an amazing experience to work for these lovely creatures. And you will also get a certificate from local administration. Return hotel in the late afternoon. In the evening, experience a Sichuan Opera in the old style Tea house , and the Mask changing show will push the show to highlights.



Day 8 Leshan - Giant Buddha Visit Kungfu Learning


Drive to Leshan to visit the Giant Buddha statue in the morning, which is the largest carved stone Buddha in the world. Carved directly into a deep cliff over 1,000 years ago, the Giant Buddha plays an important role in depressing the surging rivers. We will watch the Buddha mountain over view in front, then hike on the zigzagging trail to enjoy the Buddha closely. In the late afternoon we will head for Emeishan mountain, where we will visit a Kungfu school and learn Chinese Kungfu at the foot of the mountain. We will enjoy the exiting show of local students, and then the master will teach us a few useful skill of Chinese Kungfu! Night in local hotel.

Day 9 Emeishan Mountain Hiking / Guilin

As one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China, Emeishan Mountain, an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. We will make a mild hiking about 3 hrs from the mountain foot to Wannian temple in mid mountain, it is a safe but beautiful trail. And it will be an amazing experience to see the monkeys in the reserve. Be careful, you may be stopped by some naughty monkeys for food! Have a Buddhism style meals in ancient Wannian temple. Descend the mountain in the afternoon. Back Chengdu in the late afternoon. Fly to Guilin in the evening.

Day 10 Guilin - Li River Cruise
In the morning we will embark on a
Li River Cruise. Gorgeous Karst peaks give you surprises at each bend of the limpid river under the blue sky. Water buffalo patrol the fields, peasants reap rice paddies, school kids and fisherman float by on bamboo rafts. With its breathtaking scenery and taste of a life far removed from the concrete metropolis, the scenery along the Li River become one of China's top tourist destinations. Arrive in Yangsuo at noon. In the afternoon we will riding bike in the village of Yangsuo. It is an exotic experience to visit the countryside by biking. And through it you can know the truly life of Chinese peasants.

Day 11 Yangshuo -Yulong River Rafting

Small Yulong River is said to be more beautiful than Li River. And the bamboo rafting is the oldest way of transportation here. We will take one hour to ride this rafting as locals, and it is also a good way to enjoy the best peaks in Yangshuo area. Chinese cooking is well known in the world, and if you can show your Chinese cooking skill to your parents, it will be a great surprise for them. So in the afternoon we will learn Chinese cooking in local school.

Day 12 Guilin / Shanghai
In the morning visit the Reed Flute Cave (Ludi Yan Cave), a fascinating gallery of natural limestone cave sculptures beneath the Karst landscape. The cave is a famous scenic spot 240 meters long, offering a magic fairyland of stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns, curtains & flowers in fantastic shapes & colors. In the afternoon fly to
Shanghai. Firstly we will ride the Maglev train, which is the only one in the world right now. Just enjoy the pleasure of flying! And then it is time to enjoy the magical night of the Bund, where the European style old architecture, skyscrapers with Neon lights flashing, ships cruising on waving Yangtze river. You will doubt where you are! Make a river cruise and have your dinner on the cruise.


Yangshuo bamboo-rafts Ludiyan-Cave Shanghai-World-Financial-Center

Day 13 Shanghai - City Tour
Welcome to Shanghai, China's largest & most cosmopolitan city. Shanghai means “up from the sea” has been an important port of China for centuries. As the economic center of China, even Asia, we will visit the modern section of Lujiazhui, where the 468 meters high Oriental TV Station Tower, 492 meters high Shanghai global financial hub. In the afternoon begin shopping & admiring the crafts & delicacies in the interesting shops at Taobao city. Enjoy the Chinese Acrobatic show (Shanghai Circus City), a thrilling display in the evening.


Day 14 Shanghai
Bid farewell to China and fly back home.




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