Tibetan Plateau Off-road Biking Expedition


In this road we will enjoy the pleasure of biking in east Tibet plateau, where is the Kham Tibetan ( Khampa ) lived. It is close to the China inner land within one day’s driving, snow mountain, wide grassland, Tibetan monastery can be enjoyed besides the pleasure of mountain and grassland riding.


Cycling Rate : Middle. During the bike riding, we do about 50 Kms in the mountainous road, 80 Km in the flat road every day in average. And the riding will be in the opened high way with little vehicle traffic, and we also arranged a part of off-road riding for biker. Strong physical health condition is required.


Itinerary :

D1 Arrive in Chengdu
Arrive in Chengdu, meet tour leader. Test your bike by short time’s riding in the city. The Kuanxiangzi street, Jinjiang River, Jinli Old street all will show us the picturesque ancient city. Night in hotel .

D2 Chengdu /  Kangding (Dartse) ( Bus Driving,  320Km ) 
We will do about 8 hours’ driving from Chengdu to Kangding in order to cover this 320 km’ road, half express way and half paved way. The landscape will move from flat Chengdu plain to mountainous area in east Tibet. Arrive in Kangding ( about 2100 ms in sea level ) in the afternoon. Drop a visit in Anjue Monastery ( Yellow School) . Night in hotel.

D3 Kangding / Xinduqiao ( Paved road, 70 km , 10 hrs’ riding ) 
Our biking will begin today. We will challenge the 4200 meter high Zeduo mountain firstly. It is about 30 km to mountain pass, but all upward road, may be you need to push your bike most of the time. Once you arrive at the mountain pass, your eye will be cleaned immediately by the new view of wide Tibetan plateau. Endless waving hilltops, yaks, river, welcome to Tibetan plateau! And just ride down to the small town of Xinduqiao in the afternoon. Just enjoy the beautiful villages and land en route. Night in local hotel.   





D4 Xinduqiao / Quniba / Tagong ( Off-road 30 km, 7 hrs riding ) 
Get up to enjoy the cool and peaceful dawn of Xinduqiao. Sometime you can even see the summit of Gongka mountain here. After short time’s riding to Quniba village in paved road, we will cross from Quniba to Tagong town. This part of road is naked country road, even no road at all, just ride in the meadow. It is hard, but local Tibetan will encourage you by their curious watching. Enjoy the wide grassland, small unknown monastery and villages in the road. Arrive in Tagong in the late afternoon. Night in local Tibetan guest-house.  

D5 Tagong / Danba ( Paved road 81 km, 9 hrs riding )  
Today we will head for Danba. It will be a easy riding today in flat plateau road, but full of discovery, forest, grassland, dust forest, huge Tibetan pagoda all will be seen. The most important site will be Huiyuan monastery near Bamei. The 5th Dalai Lama used to taking refuge here and left his prints in temple. And we will challenge a small mountain pass of 4100 meter today and ride down to Donggu valley, which is a bonsai valley. Arrive in Danba in the late afternoon. Night in local hotel. 





D6 Danba Biking ( Paved road 30 km, 3 hrs riding )     
Danba is famous for beautiful Jiarong Tibetan girls, so we will ride bike in 2 hrs to visit the beauty valley Jiajv village. Many of the beauty competition champion came out form this village, and then we will ride up to the Jiajv village located in the mid of mountain, where we will enjoy the beautiful Tibetan houses, and if you are lucky enough to encounter the champion of beauty competition. Also we will drop a visit in the Tibetan castle. Night in local Tibetan guest-house. And Riding completed today. 

D7 Danba / Chengdu (Bus 360 km 8 hrs’ driving) 
We will drive back Chengdu all the day. Relax in the bus. 

D8 Chengdu Departure     
Tour finished today. END.

Best Season: April, May, June, July , August, September, October





Lhasa to Everest Biking Long March



As the heart of Tibet, Lhasa remains the great attraction to tourist worldwide. And Mount Everest , also named as Joloungma is the World's Highest Mountain. It rises to 8848 Meters (29,030 Feet) above the sea level. Riding from Lhasa to Everest and exit to Kathmandu has long been purchased by many bikers. It is only for the brave biker.



Cycling Rate : Hard. During the bike riding, we do about 60 Km in the mountainous road , 80 Km in the flat road every day in average. Most of the road is nice paved, but because of the high altitude and the mountain passes over 4500 meters made it more difficult. The most exciting will be riding in the off-road to Everest base camp. Where else can you found the challenge like this? It is a life standing expedition.  Strong physical health condition is required.




D1 Lhasa Arrival
Arrive in Lhasa, meet your guide and transfer to hotel. Check your bike and ride in the city for acclimate. Night in hotel 

D2 Lhasa 
Continue to be acclimated by riding in the city, visit the Potala Palace, Sera Monastery. Night in hotel. (B) 

D3 Lhasa 
Continue to be acclimated by riding in the city, visit the Jorkang temple, Barkor street, etc. Night in hotel.(B) 



jorkang monasteryPotala-Palacebarkhor-street-lahsa


D4 Lhasa / Gongga County(Qushui)  ( Riding 70km tarred road ) 
We will begin our expedition today from Lhasa with destination of Qushui. Enjoy the Yalongzangbu river and villages en route. Overnight in Local guest house. (B,L,D)

D5 Gongga County (Qushui)/ Langkazi  ( Riding  50km tarred road )
Today we will challenge our first mountain Gangbala ( 4900 m ). At the mountain pass you can have a bird’s eye view of the Yamdok lake. Overnight in Local guest house. (B,L,D) 

D6 Langkazi / Longma      ( Riding 65km tarred & cobble-stone road ) 
Continue biking today, enjoy the Tibetan countryside en route.  Overnight in Local guest house. (B,L,D)





D7 Longma / Gyantse Riding    ( Riding 65km tarred & cobble-stone road )
We will arrive in Gyantse today, which is an ancient culture city in Tibet. The Kunbum monastery is extremely beautiful. Overnight in Local hotel. (B,L,D)

D8 Gyantse / Shigatse       ( Riding 90km tarred road )
Continue riding today, enjoy the beautiful yam fields, Tibetan and villages en route . Arrive in Shigatse in the late afternoon. As the important city of back Tibet, in Shygatse you will visit the monastery of Panchen lama. Night in hotel.(B,L,D)


D9 Shigatse / Lazi / Shegar     ( Driving 235 km)
Today we will rely one vehicle to cover 235 km in order to save time. If you like, you can also ride to Shegar in 3 more day, and you will pass by Jiding, Lazi, Jiacuo, and climb over Yononla mountain pass ( 4950 m ) and Jiacuola Mountain ( 5300 ms ). Night in local hotel.    (B,L,D)

D10 Shegar / Zaxizong   ( Off-road Riding 40 km ) 
Today we will challenge Everest by our bike. Riding will be upward gradually, climb over the Yawula mountain pass (5215 m ). If sky is clear, you can enjoy the 4 peaks in a line: Makalu Peak, Lozi peak, Everest Peak, Toaoyou peak. Riding down the mountain 30km  arrive in the small town of Zaxizong. Night in local guest-house. 





D11 Zaxizong Everest Base Camp  ( Off-road Riding 30km )
It is the last section of our biking today, also the most difficult part. Road turned out to be a rough stone road. Arrive in Rongbuk monastery ( 4996 ms ) at noon. Continue riding 5 km to Everest Base camp ( 5200 m ).Great!, we got it!  Enjoy your success completely, stay night here or return Tingri by car. 



D12 Everest / Tingri / Nyalam         ( Driving 290 kms )
Today we will drive to Nyalam, night in local hotel. 



D13 Nyalam / Zhangmu Departure 
Cross the boarder and enter Nepal. END

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